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It was a information that NCK will be on Japan TV at 22:00, on 15th Sep. 2014. The name of the programme is "Mirai Seiki Zipangu" 
The programme concept is the economic documentary programme, which shows
"to discover the connection/ relation between Japan and all over the world, and the economical impact, through the site of the world which has continuous changes."
■ Program name: "Mirai Seiki Zipangu"
■ Broadcasting station: TV Tokyo
■ The broadcast date and time: Monday,15-Sep-2014, 10:00pm
■ "Mirai Saiki Zipangu" official site:
※ After 8th Sep.2014, you will be able to see the advert of the programme, the link is as follows;
※ On account of the broadcasting station, broadcast contents may be changed without notice in airdate, broadcast time.
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